Will Zelda: Gaiden be a Challenge?

By Timbo

I remember just over a year now that I got The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I was exstatic. After playing through Zelda on Snes, and on Gameboy, I couldn't wait to try out the 3D debut. As soon as I got it, Iput it in and started to play. Two weeks later, I was finished. Of course I might have played it nearly four hours a day, but which Zelda fan didn't? I might not have got everything, like all the heart containers and gold skulltulas, and I still haven't to this day, but the point is, that it was too easy. After about an hour of playing time, I was up to the second level. And that included time to stand around and admire the scenery. Wouldn't it be nice, if in Zelda: Gaiden, that the first dungeon took a long time to beat? Even if you're a Zelda veteran, even a year later you're still unlocking secrets in the first dungeon. Seriously, the hardest part of Ocarina of Time was obtaining the Ice Arrows, and they weren't even needed! The hardest level probably was the Forest Temple, after a little thinking and effort, I was through there and facing the boss. And wouldn't it be nice, for just once, have some cheats in a Zelda game! Not stupid cheats like invincibiltiy and unlimited arrows, something like the Nintendo tunic, or play as Zelda! Wouldn't that be great to save Hyrule as Princess Zelda?!? That would rule! And another big point, maybe they could iron out all the glitches this time. Perhaps properly play test it, too. And maybe they could make a proper Debug menu, not all those screens of crap when you half way pull your cartridge out, then balance between some magnetically sheilded plutonium and a nuclear warhead. Of course you're going to get some weird effects if you do stupid things like that. Actually, this reminds me of something funny I read in a magazine recently. A P.Rooks wrote in and said "I found a cool glitch in Mario 64. If you face your N64 and push the right side down while pulling the left side up, Mario will fall half way into the ground, drop onto his back, and the music crackles." the editor replied "Another cool trick is to throw your N64 at the wall a few times until sparks beginm to fly out from the side. Put in a cartridge and watch as each game displays weird, incomprehensible images. Fool!" And the letter was titled "Ruin your N64 in 1 easy step" Some people these days...But back to Zelda: Gaiden, a few less glitches would be really nice. One of the best things that I like about some games with bosses, is that you can play a boss over and over again. In all of the Zeldas, the closest you get to that is fighting Ganon over and over again. Boring. How about fighting Twin Rova again? Huh? That would be sweet. And my favourite enemy have to be those Guerudo women with the two bigass swords. How much fun was to face them? It's a sword fighting game, so where was the sword fighting? If that was it, then it can't really be called a sword fighting game. In Zelda 3, the first level takes you about an hour to beat (the first time). It's roughly the same in Zelda 64. The last level in Zelda 3 took ages to beat. Seriously, ages. In Zelda 64, the last level took an hour and a half. See the differnce? The levels were much harder in Zelda 3. Wouldn't it be totally sweet if they put Zelda 3 on the N64? How cool would that be? In conclusion: This isn't really an editorial on Zelda: Gaiden being harder, it's more of a complaint against Zelda 64. But it does have some good points. So basically, Zelda 3 is still the hardest Zelda game to me. Can Zelda: Gaiden prove me wrong?