I Think I'm Going to Puke

By James

Is it just me, or is suddenly everywhere I look there are Zelda sites with people complaining about: "Zelda Gaiden is going to blow!", "Zelda is getting old!", "There are too many Zelda games going to come out!". I know I'm not the only one that thinks that those people should be locked up in Jail and sent to Zelda re-hab. I mean, come on, Zelda isn't going to die, just stop complaining that there are too many Zelda games coming out...just look at the Mario games, those are getting to be different and orginal...Nintendo is going to do the same thing for Zelda...DUH! Wake up Zelda fans, we've waited 5 years between Zelda 4 and Zelda 5...and back then people said: "GIVE US ZELDA!" now everyone is saying: "NO! STOP! ENOUGH! LET'S WAIT ANOTHER 5 YEARS!"...we are going to get a bunch of new Zelda games this year...then we will have to wait like all the Metriod fans again, and await the Zelda Dolphin game...Bottem line: Zelda complainers, you have nothing to back your theorys...so shut up