Top Ten Signs You're Too Much of an IZC Fan

By Wraith

The Top 10 Signs You're too Much of an IZC Fan

10. You feel guilty when you put an ice cube in your cola.
9. You go into withdrawls when it's current server is down.
8. When you hear the word 'clown', you think of the Maniacal one.
7. You worship Nebula and her pic.
6. You name your dog Bluegrass after Steve Dixon.
5. You're actually reading this.
4. You kept reading past the first paragraph of "History Lesson: IZC's Influence on the Zelda Internet Community".
3. You don't care what the site looks like, as long as it has your favorite fan fic.
2. You can perfectly draw Ice's fingerprint from his hand scan.
1. You've been off of the net and away from IZC for 3 hours because your modem broke. You are growing anxious. You're sweating. You pick up your phone and dial the number to the master modem. You click and whistle like the modem, desperately trying to connect. You succeed.