Concerning Secrets

By Maniacal Clown

Earlier the month, IZC and several other Zelda sites reported on an interview with the fames creator of The Legend of Zelda. According to the reports, Miyamoto confessed that there was still a big secret left undiscovered in Zelda 64. It went on to say that he may reveal it this March. All seemed fine and dandy until this previous Monday when Hyrule: The Land of Zelda (HTLOZ) reported that the story was a fake. A simple question arises. Who's right? Personally, I can't say, but there is evidence that supports both sides. I've taken the time to sort it out a bit.

First of all, notice the March date. Sound familiar? That's right, it's the projected release date of the Playstation 2. What if Nintendo is planning on revealing their big secret in order to draw people back to the Nintendo 64 and away from the PS2? It certainly makes sense to me. More devious marketing schemes have been done before.

Secondly, there's the sheer number of sites that have caught wind of the news. Either all the Zelda websites copy off of each other (which, sadly, is VERY likely), or something's up. If you recall, the famous Ariana hoax was an HTLOZ exclusive. Granted the trickster may have just contacted several sites this time, but that's unlikely. The more exposure you get, the more of a chance you have of getting caught.

Of course, like I said before, there's also evidence that points in the other direction. HTLOZ had said many times before that they have contacts inside Nintendo. They once again spoke of thgese contacts when calling the reports fake. Do they really have an insider? I don't know! But if they do, it would prove to be the killing blow to the, as they call them, "rumors."

HTLOZ also has one other noteworthy item on their side. Over the years, they've been, as much as I hate to admit it, the most reliable Zelda source on the web. Sure there was the Ariana thing, but that fooled us all.

So who's right? I still have no clue, but I do know what's coming. Rumors galore. In the next few months, expect to see hundreds of Triforce rumors and such to pop up on message boards across the Zelda community. Just make sure you only heed the one you just might see this March at!

Until next time, the Clown reminds you: We're not here to start rumors. If you ever feel like starting one, just take a deep breath, drink some iced tea, and listen to a good ol' Dave Matthews Band CD. ;)

~Maniacal Clown