IZC's Reworking

By Ice

I got a quite a few e-mails from people showing a bit of surprise at IZC's decision to redo the design a bit. A few said things like "Why mess up a good thing", and a few said "It's about time", and a few more said "It looks the same". All three reactions were legitimate, really. Why ruin a good thing? For months, people have been demanding a change. This is my response to it. "It's about time": Really, it is time for a change, even though the old design was amazing. "It looks the same". Yeah, in some ways, it does look the same. Well, in most ways, it looks the same. I did a bit of reorganization of the sections... that's the major change. I had gotten several e-mails and comments in the past few months that told us how impossible it was for people to find what they wanted. I did a small mix of the new sections, as well as the ones from classic IZC. The Fan Center section was a new one, being a mix of the old Village section and a few other Misc. things. The old sections, such as Letters, Articles, and Musc used to be in the Fan Center, but I moved them out because I got too many e-mails that said "Why don't you have Letters/Music/Editorials anymore?" Stuff like that frustrates me...

One of the main questions assosiated with any redesign is "When will it be done?" As you've probably noticed, the Letters and Articles are pretty much done. Thanks to Magisuth's clear and easy format that he used for the new/old IZC, the redesign shouldn't take too long. I won't give you an exact time estimate, because the site is a lot bigger than I had thought, and there's still a big chance that I could run into a big problem that I haven't anticipated. I can assure you one thing, though. IZC will be updated more than it has in the past couple months.

This redesign/reorganization is a good thing.