The 10 Hardest Enemies

By Belgarath


I'm guessing that everyone who reads this will have most likely played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Also, you might have noticed the degree of difficulty of many of the enemies in the game. Well, then this list is for you. This will describe the hardest enemies and how to defeat them. Remember, anything that attacks you is considered an enemy. This somewhat like a mini strategy guide(very mini.)

WARNING: Some of these reveal secrets from the game. If you do not want to see them, do not scroll down now.











#10. Morpha: The guardian of the Water Temple makes number ten on the list. You might notice that the guardian of the hardest temple is one of the easiest bosses in the game. To defeat Morpha, pull its nucleus out of the water body with the longshot and slash it with your sword. After about ten hits or so, it will die.

#9. Phantom Ganon: The guardian of the Forest Temple makes a number nine. This boss is actually relatively easy if you consider that if you stand on one of the small Triforce insignias, you will not be touched by the electric shocks. To defeat him, shoot him with arrows as he rides on his horse, and when he is knocked off, reflect his energy beams back at him.

#8. Volvagia: This fire demon makes number eight on the list and is significantly harder to defeat than the previous two. To defeat Volvagia, hit it with the hammer when its head pops out of the hole. Then, slash at it with your sword. Avoid his fire and boulders.

#7. Bongo Bongo: This boss is incredibly difficult. You must first knock out both of its arms and than attack its head with your sword. The only way you will see the head is if you use the eye of truth. The battle is significantly easier if you use the Hover Boots.

#6. Iron Knuckle: Believe it or not, I think Iron Knuckle is harder than the others above him on the list. Considering the number of these you fight, I think they are incredibly difficult. To defeat them easily, circle around them and gradually close in. When they are about to swipe, back up quickly and after the swipe do a down swipe attack to take away double damage. Repeat this pattern. Besides, they take away more energy than many bosses do.

#5. Twinbora: Making number five, the twin sisters are extremely hard to kill. First, reflect the energy they fire at you with your shield and hit the opposite sister with the energy. When the two sisters combine, concentrate on building one type of power in your shiled and when Twinbora falls down, attack it ith your sword.

#4. Ganondorf/Ganon: Believe it or not, Ganon is NOT the hardest enemy in the game. There are much more powerful enemies... To defeat Ganondorf, reflect his energy back at him, fire a light arrow when heís stunned, and go over and hack him up. Repeat this pattern. After the chase, defeat Ganon by using light arrows to stun him and hit his tail with your hammer. After a few hits, retrieve your Master Sword and defeat him in the same manner.

#3. Dark Link: Yes, I think Dark Link is harder than Ganon. There actually are three easy ways to defeat him. First, you can use Dinís Fire constantly to defeat him, or there is another way that does not use magic. This method, to be successful, involves that you do NOT use Z-targeting. Next, keep pummeling Dark Link with sword attacks. He will not be able to survive the onslaught. The megaton hammer also workd well.

#2. Deku Shrub Team (the ones that hate your masks): Again, I think these things are harder than all the previous ones. Iím not sure if you can defeat them, but you have to be pretty lucky to survive their barrage. If anyone kills them please email me. And yes, I am talking about the bugs you give the masks to.

#1. The Cuccos: Finally, I think the cuccos are the hardest enemies in the game. Others might not share my opinion, but think about it. These things are UNBEATABLE. And all you have to do is get them mad to be pecked senseless. However, remember you are immune to cuccos on Epona. Oh, and by the way, there is a cucco still alive in Kakariko Village as an adult. It is located in the upper levels of the windmill.

(this is supposed to be somewhat comical, so keep that in mind)

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~Belgarath (The Golden Knight)