URA-Zelda... Rumors...

By NetGhst1

It has been speculated that the Ura-Zelda upgrade will not even change the physical appearance of the world itself. It may include some of the dungeons that were taken out of Zelda 64 just before its introduction. Take for example, the hole underneath the Rocks, in Zora's Fountain, as an adult. Originally, there was a dungeon located there, God only knows why the programmers decided to have it removed. Or another instance, the Pyramid in the Haunted Wasteland(for those of you who can't find the Pyramid refer to the postscript at the bottom of this message) that Pyramid was another removed dungeon. In final production the programmers rushed, and I mean rushed. They left tons of errors and bugs, throughout the game, and they tried, in vein, to patch some of them with little effect. For instance, instead of a dungeon in Zora's Fountain, there is a Gold Skulltula, lame. Getting back on track, the Pyramid was supposed to be a direct correlation to the Pyramid of Power, in the Golden Land, in Zelda 3. This would have brought continuity to the storyline and cleared up many unanswered questions (refer to storyline put forth by the Master of Hyrule at www.zhq.com) Of course, the dungeon was removed, exactly why is unclear. And again, they did a sloppy job of patching the glitch and the facade of the Pyramid remains in the game, to this day, even though it is not reachable.
Perhaps, in eliminating these dungeons, Nintendo hoped to reuse them in Ura-Zelda. Why throw away perfectly good, expensive programming. With some minor editing, they can incorporate the "Lost Dungeons" into Ura-Zelda and create a decent storyline. But that is beside the point. The fact is Nintendo got stingy and decided to save a few bucks in R&D. Look at it this way:

1. Nintendo removes the "Lost Dungeons" from Zelda 5, subsequently creating a cheaper to make game.

2. Millions of avid Zelda fans, around the world, long for more Zelda.

3. Nintendo leaks rumors of a Ura-Zelda and starts Triforce rumors, in an effort to reignite interest in Zelda.

4. Nintendo adapts the "Lost Dungeons" for Ura-Zelda and saves millions in game design.

5. Millions of suckers buy the Ura-Zelda add on cartridge and Nintendo makes $$$$$$$$.

It is a big scam. Basically, they get rich; we get screwed. Isn't life great?

P.S: For those who cannot find the aforementioned Pyramid, here's how.

1. Go to the Haunted Wasteland.

2. Make your way to the stone circle and face east (or right).

3. Play the "Song of Storms."

4. The lightning generated by the song will light-up the outline of a Pyramid. If you approach it, it gets bigger. Get too close and you will start over from the beginning of the Wasteland. What a glitch.