Comparisons and Contrastions of 2D Zelda and 3D Zelda

By PZelda

Howdy! PZelda here. I am here to give you comparsions and contrastions of Zelda. We'll begin first witih comparsions (Uhhh?)

-Many of the same enemies in all Zelda games.
-A lot of the familiar landscapes are in all of the games (execpt Zelda 2).
-LINK! Of course, why not? It never gets boring to have Link as the main character...Well, MAYBE. =)
-Princess Zelda. Of course, she wasn't in Zelda 4, but that's ok.

-2-D and 3-D. Need I say more?
-In Zelda 2, there was no familiar landscapes (execpt for Death Mountain)
-It's a LOT different seeing Zelda in 3-D than it was in 2-D.
-The landscapes ALWAYS change in every game.

Sorry it was SO short, but that's all I could think of! Thanks and hope you enjoyed the short editorial! =o)