The Whole Triforce is Not in the Game

By Action the Great

I have been getting scolded by some people that send me email telling me that there has to be a triforce in the game. I will not name anyone's email address just to be nice. I am here to talk about all of the so called leads in the game. I mean even Nintendo admitted that the triforce put together is not in the game.

As you know the 1:01 mystery has been solved and interpreted as 10:1 a ratio to the bean man's beans (1st bean= 10 rupees, 2nd bean= 20 rupees, etc.) So people dont try to do funny things at the time 1:01 it is annoying hearing all of these rumors about the 1:01 mystery.

Next comes the triforce in the poe dealer's shop. Maybe it is just a sign there because that is exactly where the guard stood and it is in what used to be the pot room with a royal guard standing right in front of the triforce. What if the King had put it there for the amatuers to know where they are positioned in that room. Also there are many triforces all around Hyrule I mean the three goddesses did create Hyrule and all of it's inhabitants.

People still are confused about some of the triforces that are on the island across the bridege, in the fire cavern, and other places. If you notice those spots are the exact spots were Shiek/Zelda landed and taught you the different songs. On the subject of Shiek well when she throws that deku nut or whatever at you it actually isn't a deku nut. It is like a smoke bomb that magicians use to "magically" disappear.

Also the hole in Darunia's room. People say that if you do certain things then maybe the triforce will pop out. HA! Why would Nintendo put the triforce there? First of all they would put it near the royal family or by the sages. Where is this? the only neutral place is the temple of time. Come on people, use your heads--think about what you type before you type it. This hole is just a glitch. I mean Darunia probably hid the Goron's Ruby in there to keep Ganondorf from finding it. See we got the ruby on top of Goron City so we dont know where he hid it. Hey this hole is just like the hole in Zora's Domain; a glitch. In Zora's Domain you can get down there by using game shark and all it is, is a dark hole. Use moon jump to get in the hole in Darunia's room.

Here are someone's exact words: "Maybe if you unfreeze Zora's Domain then the triforce will appear". Listen buddy if you can show me proof of unfreezing that place without a cheat sure maybe. I mean if you can unfreeze everybody and everything in Zora's Domain then you can also turn Hyrule Market back into a place where it is safe.

I am really annoyed with people who believed Rayna or whatever her name is about the triforce. Espiecally after Belagarth's and Gandalph's great hoax at TGL. Sure she prooved it with pictures but if you weren't so eager to find the triforce then you would have seen the flaws she forgot to take out of her fakes. Sure believe and be a sucker to all of "the perfectly easy ways to get the triforce" plans. Just don't tell me or anyone that the triforce in Ocarina of Time is whole and it is possible to find and retrieve it.

Thank you and goodbye for now.