15 Years of the Legend

By Steve Dixon

Nintendo® 1985

What is this? The copyright on the original Zelda. You knew that, though, didn't you? Of course you did. So what's this?

Nintendo® 2000

The copyright of the next Zelda, silly! What, you didn't know there was another Zelda on the way? If you don't think there is one, you're partially right. There are 3 on the way at least; Ura Zelda, Zelda 6 and Zelda DX. Nintendo has informally announced all three of these, and I thought I should get everyone up to date.

Disclaimer: As we've learned with many recent titles, Nintendo has a tendency to cut games. Since there hasn't been any official word from NOA, these games might not be on the way to the US, so don't come crying to me if one or more of these get cut. You've been warned.

Okay, the title sounds a bit dorky (It means "Another Zelda" in Japanese), but the game rocks. What is it? It's an expansion pack for Z64. And no, it's not a memory upgrade. For those of you who haven't seen Sonic -&- Knuckles, here's how it works. You plug Ura Zelda in to your N64, and the Ura Zelda Pak has a Cart port on top of it which you hook your existing Z64 Pak into. This lets you play more levels, fight new and different enemies, etc. If we're lucky, this could be out as soon as November. Don't believe me? Ask Mr. Miyamoto. He said it's on the way and should be out by then. Here's hoping.

ZELDA 6 (Working Title) - GBC
New console, new Zelda. A formula for Success that Nintendo should live by. Another one is; Space at the E3 booth, new Zelda. That would make Zelda fans everywhere happy, but let's take what we can get. Nintendo seems to be heeding the above rule, because there are currently plans for a Game Boy Color Zelda. Not a remake of Link's Awakening, but a completely new saga. Cool. Look for this one early '00.

No, it's not already out. You must be thinking of some other GBC remake. This is the original Zelda resurrected in all it's 256 color glory. I believe that Nintendo has confirmed this one already, so you won't have to take my word on it. Look for this little fellow around September '99.

Ah, the long awaited return of music in my editorials. I had to insert it myself, which was a bit of a drag. Unfortunately, JMK was in charge of what music went where, and after he retired, nobody took over. I kept hoping someone would take over for him, but alas, it was not to be. Oh, well. That concludes this week's edition. Tune in next week, same Zelda time, same Zelda channel.

Staff Comments:

Crysaler: Some of the rumors I know still aren't.. totally confirmed, even the Zelda 6 you mention I haven't heard of. I doubt your sources a little.

Nobody's cared to add music, because nobody's cared enough to! That's also for the writer to help work out, not just the person who formatts them. As far as I know, JMK was in charge of letters and that's his territory. That's why he added the music.