The True Reason Link Hates Ganondorf

By Action the Great

It all started when I lived in Kokiri Forest and The Great Deku Tree allowed visitors to come and visit us. Ganondorf was an older Gerudo boy who came often and made fun of us Kokiri. We all called him Ganon for short because Ganondorf was just to long. Well, Ganon teased me more than anybody because he was like Mido and teased me about not having a fairy. Mido and Ganon often ganged up on me and hit me with small pebbles and Deku Sticks. I knew Mido just did it to look cool and not be the next one to get teased. A certain day I was drawing with a yellow coal (I found it in the Lost Woods) on the bottom of my treehouses tree trunk of me fighting a ferocious dinosaur. When Ganon came up to me and saw what I was drawing. He started laughing and pointing at me. I asked him what was so funny and he said, " that drawing, you will never be a warrior or hero, you will stay a small child all of your life."

The next day I woke up and heard people laughing by my treehouse and looked out my window. Ganon was with Mido showing him my picture and they were both laughing at me. then I heard Mido say that a Kokiri cant even fight without a fairy and that I didn't have one, that means that I am a loser. I was so mad and frustrated that I cried myself back to sleep and stayed in my treehouse all day. That day I swore to myself that Ganon would die or be banished from Hyrule when I am old enough to leave Kokiri Forest.

Two years later when I was five and Ganon was about thirteen I challenged him to a Deku Stick fight. I fought my hardest and gave Ganon a few cuts and bruises but he still one. He told me there was no way I could beat him because the Gerudo race train their young to fight at the age three and keep training them until they turn eighteen. A few days after that I heard Mido making fun of me and saying that Ganon had used sorcery of some sort to weaken me during battle so he would ashame me like he did among my own race.

The next year The Great Deku Tree forbade all travelers to stay out of Kokiri Forest and all Kokiri to stay in. Ganon came to Kokiri Forest and was blocked by two Kokiri guards at the entrance to Kokiri Forest. They told him how the Great Deku Tree forbade anyone from entering Kokiri Forest. Everyone heard when Ganon shouted in rage that he swore on his life that the Great Deku Tree will perish when he grows into an adult. I promised to myself that I would protect the Great Deku Tree and then told myself that he would never die.

Six years later Ganon returned to Kokiri Forest and snuck in. He went to the Great Deku Tree and planted a curse over him to get a sacred gem. When the Great Deku Tree refused to hand it over he left after putting me into a restless night by haunting my dreams. The Great Deku Tree called upon me and told me he was cursed and would perish soon. I tried to save him but failed and he told me who did this to him and gave me the sacred gem. Ganon influenced Mido to persuade the Kokiri to come against me and kill me. I got out of that one and left Kokiri Forest for the first time. I saw a large castle in the distance and went there. I sneaked into the courtyard and saw a beautiful gril at the end. She showed me Ganondorf and I almost leaped into the window and killed him. He saw me and laughed.

Now you see why I, Link, need and want Ganondorf dead forever. He destroyed my childhood, my guardian, turned some of my friend against me, and he destroyed my world. Ganondorf shall be punished as I swore when I was little. I will kill him. He shall not harm me or my friends ever again.

(with help from Action The Great)