Hope You've Enjoyed My Work

By Christian Warrior

You may be wondering why I am writing this editorial to all of you. Well, the thing is, I'm not going to be online for a very long time. Starting next Tuesday, I work. For how long? God only knows. May very well be the entire summer. Either way I'm not going to have much access to the Internet. So let me sum up what I've done so far when I got on the Net last fall.

I started my story, "The Binding Force of Link", something I'm very proud of. The whole thing is about 56 pages long, and to make things short is based on a cross between Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past. When it comes to the story line these two games are so screwed up in my opinion I figured that I'd be a bit liberal and combine them. Original, isn't it? I have submitted the entire thing to TGL, IZC, and a number of other sites. When ever they do so choose to post them up, you will have the chance to see them, but I won't. Ten parts in total, so be patient. If I'm lucky they'll be up by the time you read this.

I've also constructed a few editorials. Let's see, "The Legends of Zelda: A Metaphor for God?", Epona, Horse or Jack ***; You Decide!", "A Zelda Movie, How it Could be Good", "My Advice For the Next Zelda Game", and "Why Does Everybody Hate the Adventure of Link?" (not up yet)

Other than the Zelda movie and future games, one would have to admit that I gave you guys some original ideas. I mean come on, has anyone ever brought up that metaphore thing before me? Tell me, cause I'd like to meet them! :-) Has anybody ever stuck up for a game? Have they shown in a comical way the aspects of an excellent game that just needed a bit of work? I haven't seen any lately.

Don't think that I'm saying you people are less than me. Oh no, don't think that for one moment. Most of the people on these Zelda sites have done much more than I ever will. I haven't brought up a nothing site to be the leading source of Zelda material. I haven't managed a site in a webmaster's absence and been able to keep it the leader. I haven't written a hundred page long fan fiction (yet). I certainly will never be able to draw with the skill that many people have demonstrated. I can work on it, but that may never come to me. Most of all, I have never had to deal with the hard work in dealing with the opinions of hundreds of people who very well may hate you for doing what you think is for the good of your friends. I haven't yet, and probably never will.

Most of you will probably not miss me, maybe some of you will be sorry that I had to leave, I know I am. They're are some of you that I made good friends with, some of which I even trusted my true name and location with. If that certain person does happen to read this, it's hard to find someone like you for a friend, and I hope you got my message.

Over the summer, while I will not have Internet access, I will however be able to work on my story. So when I do return, trust me, the web sites are going to have some fun with me! Hehehe! I might have the story finished, maybe not, but if I have the type of schedule that I think I will, there will be lots of time to write out my work, more than likely by hand. Just remember, sometime later this summer, you will know that The Christian Warrior returned to the Internet to his friends. Bis dann! (by the way, that means until then in German)

Christian Warrior
-God rules!!!-

Staff Comments:

Crysaler: We'll see you later in the year, warrior man. IZC will miss your quality work.