Link's Clothing II

By J-Man

In continuation of the original Link's Clothing editorial, this is an editorial on the many styles Link dons in Zelda 64.

Link's attire. A long-disputed subject of Zelda fans everywhere. Zelda 64 provided many styles for Link to wear, and I ask myself... how the heck can he change without somebody pointing and laughing? Kidding. Honestly, why so many outfits? Let's rate them...

Name: Kokiri Tunic (Child)
Color: Green
Pants: None
Usefulness: Protecting against spitballs, being a subject for the people of Hyrule to laugh at.
Rating: 2 out of 5

Personaly, I think that as a kid... Link looks like a little fruit. He definately should look into a t-shirt and some baggy jeans.

Name: Kokiri Tunic (Adult)
Color: Green
Pants: White tights (real fashion statement there, Link)
Usefulness: Hiding in bushes, can't save Hyrule without the proper heroic pantyhose!
Rating: 3 out of 5

With the addition of a skin-tight jump suit underneath... Link looks fairly much cooler than his child self.

Name: Goron Tunic (Adult)
Color: Red w/ matching cap
Pants: Same white tights
Usefulness: Protecting from the searing heat in Death Mountain
Crater and Fire Temple
Rating: 4 out of 5

Link looks dressed to kill in his Goron Tunic. Ready to take on the flaming menaces creeping around in Death Mountain's volcanic crater. But the gloves look too much like the tunic's color.

Name: Zora Tunic (Adult)
Color: Blue w/ matching cap
Pants: Same white tights
Usefulness: Keeping you breathing while swimming for your life in the Water Temple
Rating: 5 out of 5

Link's best outfit in my opinion. Allowing him to stay under water for as long as he pleases and also sporting my favorite color.

So above all... the farther you go in the game, the better the clothes get. He may look like a little fruit when you begin the game... but it sure beats having to win the Spiritual Stones in the nude. Well, I'm J-Man, and that's news to me.

Staff Comments:

Crysaler: Have you ever thought of pairing up outfits with various shields? The Goron Tunic paired up with the Mirror Shield makes for an ultimate combination. I always use this one while trekking through Hyrule. Zora Tunic and Hyrule Shield also make for a pretty good pair.