Bad Influences

By Jenna (Virgo)

A few weeks ago in Littleton, Colorado, a terrible shooting took place. Everyday, severe acts of crime happen in every state, every country. So what can cause these hanis crimes? I have hardly EVER played on Sony Playstation. In fact, the only game I've played (and gotten far at that) was Final Fantasy 7. And after about 5 minutes of playing, I noticed a few main things:

Final Fantasy 7 The Ocarina of Time

1.) Barret and Cid swear in every sentence, and some other characters occasionally let out a few vulgar words. 1.) As for language, I don't think there was one profane word in the entire game.

2.) The whole Don Corneo scene was pretty nasty... and if you've never played FF7, let me say one thing; This whole scene is perverted. 2.) Other than the Great Fairy's appearance, there is no sexuality, or sexual langauge.

3.) The violence is heavy. Especially during the battles and cinematic scenes, not to mention the fact that when you meet the President of Shinra for the 2nd time (or is it the 3rd...?) he has a sword sticking out of his back, dead. 3.) Violence is pretty low. Except for Gannondorf coughing up some blood, there wasn't that much violence, even in battle scenes.

Most Playstation fans I know all say the same thing, "Nintendo has all Goody-Goody games, it's so babyish." But then they note the Littleton shooting and other acts of violence and think it's so horrible! Then strangely enough, they go back and play their Violent and Sexual and Vulgar Playstation Games. It's only a matter of time before they get mad and beat on someone with a sword like Cloud vs. Sephiroth.

Please Note: All because I am a 64 fan, this editorial was not biased. In fact, I am a FF7 fan as well, I just dislike its vulgarity, sexuality, and heavy violence. Thank you.

Staff Comments:

Crysaler: Well said. Hypocrites are among the worst people in society, next to stuck-up snobs and s.o.b.'s.