IZC's First Birthday

By Ice

Well, that fateful day is finally here. A year ago, few people thought that the little site on Tripod known as "Ice's Zelda Website" would make it to the grand scale that it rests at on this wonderful day. I regret being absent from home (and my computer with ICQ) and not being able to share the celebration with you all, but thanks to the miracle of lap-tops and long distance connections, I'm able to at least send a few editorials and such to you, especially my words on this momentous occasion. Many of you old-time visitors had a chance to read the About history that I had on the old site, but as of right now, it's not ready to relaunch yet, so you'll have to wait until it is for you to learn more of our history leading up to today. It gives me indescribable pride to announce today that IZC has lasted an entire year. We are now more solidly on our feet than we ever have been ever, and it's not an understatement to say that we're better than ever, and you can expect IZC to last for years to come. A flower may wither, and mountains may crumble, but IZC will last forever. IZC has stood the test of time, and has come out in a state that will take it far into the next millennium. Though it has come in the midst of the Dark Age, this one-year anniversary of IZC marks in my mind proof that IZC will last. One year ago, IZC was created with the dream of one man to make a strong, successful site, and that man is proud to see that his dream... MY dream, lives on... only STRONGER. Time to just sit back and watch it grow.