The Zelda Movie: How it Could be Good

By Christian Warrior

Come on, admit it, you've wanted it for all these years (months, days, hours, whatever!) and you know that if a movie based on anything having to do with the Legends of Zelda series came out, you'd be breaking down those theatre doors to get in. But, the question is, what if it sucked?

Think about it. You got the Mortal Kombat movies, and they didn't really make it too good. Of course Mortal Kombat is a fighting game, and you can't get much plot off of that. But that's besides the point here. If they (whichever film company would be crazy enough to do this) actually did make a Zelda movie, then what would it do to the series if the thing was horrible? A movie with a bad plot, horrible actors, and cheap special effects (again, see how I refer to Mortal Kombat) would destroy the creditblity to all Zelda games, sales would fall, and we could kiss any continuation of the series good-bye.

But, consider this for a moment, what if the movie was more than not half-bad, what if it was good? Now, I'm not talking just a little good, I'm talking smashing, talking bout' it at the water cooler, sinking the Titanic again, laying the smack down on Jurrasic Park stomping good! Just imagine what that would do to the Zelda series! Not only would Nintendo kill out Playstation and those other nobody video game groups, but we'd see some of the best games ever come out after that. Why? Simple. Not only would Miyamoto come up with brilliant ideas, but he'd also find some of the greatest game designers motivated by this ultra movie. But then the question that comes to mind is this: how do we get a good movie?

Okay, now we get to the good part, the things needed for a good movie. Sorry if it took awhile to get here, it seems the intro to this editorial is longer than the average editorial. Any how, here we go. :-)

The first and foremost detail in any movie is a good director. You've got to have someone who knows how to show the feeling in a film, and in a Zelda film there would have to be plenty of that. Now, getting Spielberg would be but a dream, James Camereon, well, that's probably a dream too. These are guys that more than likely are too busy making movies that make sense to the majority of other people. You'd have to have them get into the game first, then talk to them about directing. As far as script writers go, I'm sure that some of the finest and hardcore fanfiction writers could come up with a fine piece of work. Of course it'd have to be one with good writing skills, maybe an older writer, because when you get down to it all, with age comes wisdom. With wisdom you get good writing skills. Think for a moment, do you really think a guy like Spielberg would direct a movie written by a teenager?

Next detail, a good cast. Now you have to have some people that can play the part. The two main characters, Link and Zelda, would have to be played by two people who know what they're doing as far as acting goes. Now, I don't want to name off too many celebraty names, but let me say a good description of who should play the part of Link. This person should age from 17-25, mainly because adult Link should at least look like a teenager. They should also be blond, as you can see in Zelda64, and have blue eyes. Now, as much as I hate to come to this conclusion, there is one very popular actor in Hollywood right now that qualifies by those standards. If you can't figure out who this man is, I mentioned the movie Titanic earlier, and he's famous for that. I myself have never been that much of a fan of his, but all in all, he's the best qualified person for the job, but it may be kinda hard to get a guy like him to know the role. Zelda would need to be played by someone who has good blond hair, strong blue eyes, the kind that seem to cut into you, and be able to show emotion to the fullest. Right now I can't even think of anyone in particular, but I'm sure that there are a bunch of them out there.

Third detail, the plot. What Zelda game do you base the movie on? Well, personally, I think it would be cool to base the movie on the first two Zelda games. See, I always thought they were more mysterious and suspenseful than the other ones. A good way to make the whole thing more interesting would be to make it a two part series. The first can be about the Legends of Zelda, and the second about the Adventures of Link. In the first one, Link goes about Hyrule on the quest, but there may have to be a little more Link-people interaction, otherwise it would be a real boring movie. At the end when Link gets Zelda, the difference from the movie and game should be that this is a really ugly Zelda. You know, spoiled, bratty, rhymes with witch. This way, when Link finds out about the original Zelda, the one that fell asleep eons ago, they can make her out to be a real beauty. Although if they did this then it wouldn't leave much lines to the original Zelda.

Fourth point, the filming location. Honestly, I don't know too much about this one. Hyrule's geography is so complex, I doubt there's any one place on earth that would accomadate the movie. They very well may have to move the setting from place to place to get the whole journey. Death Mountain would be a little tricky to do, and so would all the palaces in Adventures of Link. Then you've got all the deserts, swamp lands, and caves to think about. But nowadays, with the miracle of movie magic and blue screens, almost any background and setting can be made.

Well, that's all the things I have to say about a possible Zelda movie. If there ever is one, trust me, it better be good or we'll have to continue the series through these web sites. But if it's good (which is what I'm praying for) then just sit back and watch Final Fanasty and Lara Croft go down to Sega level. Thanks for reading this editorial, and my thanks to the staff of Ice's Zelda Central for taking the time to put it up.

Staff Comments:

SCNWO: I may be the only one, but i actually liked the 1st Mortal Kombat movie.  Actually, it's one of my favorite movies.  As far as part 2 goes, well i won't even honor it by saying more about it than this sentence.

I really feel there is no chance the Zelda series could be made into a good movie.  It would be too much a movie for little kids, or a movie that tries to stick to the story line and just gets screwed up.

If they made a movie and didn't correlate it with the game story too much, and made up some stuff, it might work, but that's unlikely.  Let's just be happy we have the best movie ever, Predator.