By Drizzt

Spam. What does that word really mean? Some of us think of it as that
delicious luncheon meat. Others might think of it as a large group of emails
that one might send someone else for the pupose of filling up the other person's
mailbox. To me, it's more than that. Have you ever wondered what the spam that
we love is made up of? Well, I have and I'm going to tell you right now.
pork, mechanically seperated chicken, water, salt, sugar, sodium, phospates,
potassium chloride, sodium ascorbate, and sodium nitrate.

Actually those are the ingredients of Spam Lite. Too bad I don't have any real
Spam. :(

Anyway. In my opinion this once-loved food is losing it's popularity. I go to
the store and I see a vast graveyard of Spam, that no one has bought, and
probably never will. I think that people should buy more spam.

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