Oh, What are we to do?

By Ice

I recently read an editorial by my buddy Conrad, which appeared on a site known as Zelda Headquarters. It was called "The Castle", I believe. It took a considerable amount of time to read, since the only version of it availible was the novelization, but I read it :-) In it, IZC is referred to as IZC. Er, um, Ice's Zelda Central is referred to as Igloo Zelda City. Very creative. I'm sure there weren't too many people that made it to the end of the article, so to make a long story short, Zelda sites are entering into a bad time period, and only the strong will survive (Zelda Headquarters proclaimed as the strongest in the article). Well, I'm here to assure you that IZC will indeed survive "The Dark Age", as Steve Dixon has named it, as well. The point of this editorial isn't to tell you that, because I'm sure you know it already, but my point is to tell you exactly how we're going to do it. Keep in mind that I'm not going to tell you about secret projects or much of anything else top-secret, but I'm just here to give you guys and gals an update of what's going on here.

The past few months have been very confusing. I had a truckload of personal problems, and things were left in the hands of the great Magisuth. Many people hated it under his reign, but the ones that did have absolutely NO IDEA what it takes to run a large website. As Mag found out, it's not the content and the updates that really kills ya, it's the fan and staff interaction. Since he's going very far in the internet world someday soon, I hope IZC gave him valuable experience for his future projects. Not many of you even have an idea of how hard Magisuth worked for IZC. He didn't have to do ANY of it. It was all a huge favor. IZC would still have a horrendous white background and dull visuals if it weren't for him. He's also adding on to the content as well, and his creative genious has a few surprise sections for you in the future. Stay tuned. Magistuh, we are forever in your debt. IZC would be history if it weren't for him.

Then there's JMK. He's always been somewhat of a right-hand-man to me throughout IZC's existence, and he proved his loyalty throughout this struggle. Most of his work is behind the scenes, and more than anything, he's my best internet buddy, and has been there for me countless times. You can thank JMK for IZC's existence as well, because without his help, especially in the early part of IZC's life, I would have never held up.

And of course, there's Navie. She's always been a big part of IZC. As the main Letters attraction, she was IZC's pride and joy for many months. Even if she loses her internet connection or gives it up for good, she'll always be a cornerstone of IZC. And surely she'll be involved sparsely in the future.

These three aren't the only ones. While I was away, it was the message board crew that made the site interesting. More discussion went on here than at any other Zelda site, and that's something for them to be proud of.

As for the future, tons will happen. The first priority right now is getting the redesign finished. Trust me, Magisuth is working his hardest. He has school, his entire hosting business, and get this... we all actually have LIVES! Woa! We're all human. And none of us are geeks or anything. None of us can work all the time. So stop complaining to him and let him do his job(s). Good things come to those who wait.

Once the redesign is essentially done, the power doesn't stop there. Most other sites need a new Zelda on the horizon to keep going. Not IZC. If any of you remember correctly, Zelda 64 was only a small part of IZC. Now that it's out, it's still only a small part of IZC. Only about 1 out of 10 of our updates prior to Z64's release were about Z64. So without a new Zelda coming up soon, that'll crash out a lot of other sites. But not us. Not hardly. We have several new sections coming your way. All/most of them are top-secret, and some of them are only ideas, so I'll keep my icy mouth shut on them for now. We'll be acquiring more staff, and maybe getting rid of some of the old ones. As IZC grows, it gets harder and harder to maintain, and we need only people who can get the job done. People who just vanish or run away from home for several weeks or months will NOT be tolerated. Er, wait...

So, as you can see, "Igloo Zelda City" is far from melting. It's on fire, and this fire is only making the ice stronger. Cool.