Epona: Horse or Jack-***? You Decide

By Christian Warrior

I've noticed a few things in the Ocarina of Time that, like any game, are some rather odd flaws.  Take for instance Epona's amazing jumping abilty.  When it came to getting out of Lon Lon Ranch, she nailed that fence like a hammer through a cobweb (I gotta work on my comparisions) or the time when you have to get into Gerudo Vally, man!  She had to have jumped at least 30 feet to get across that gap!  You don't find horses like that.  But consider this for a moment.  If you try to jump a fence at an angle, it just ain't going to happen folks!  The horse can clear a deep revene like it's yesterdays news, but heaven forbid the thing jump a fence at an angle!  Or when you take the thing on your way back to Kokiri forest.  If you try to so much as go over one of those roots by the entrance, Epona goes haywire!  I mean come on!  It's three inches! 

What, the horse has no fear of heights, but when it comes to angle jumps and roots, it's like the thing has a phobia toward them!

And something else, when you first meet Talon and he's sleeping, unless you have that bird with you, there is no way whatsoever to wake him up!  Go ahead, try what ever you want, Old Lazy won't budge!  Cut at him, roll attack the man, nothing is going to wake this man up other than a rooster that's not a day out of it's egg.     

Not that this means Zelda64 is a bad game, I just thought I could make a funny editorial out of the issue.  Hope you enjoyed it.