Zelda vs. Pokemon

By Steve Dixon

Well, I know things have less like a video game site and more like a soap opera around here lately, but unlike Days of our Lives, As the World Turns and WCW Monday Nitro, this one has a happy ending. Since in the chaos surrounding Ice's return I didn't get a topic (a common occurrence lately), I had to improvise. I couldn't decide if I wanted to write about something Zelda related or something Ice related, so I went with Zelda. Sorry.

Has anyone noticed Zelda and Pokemon are drawing comparisons lately? I don't get that. They're completely different! I almost passed out when videogames.com brought the topic up! So, once and for all, here are the differences.


Has lots of monsters,
most of them evil.

Had a anime that wasn't

Outsold Metal Gear Solid

Has cool Dungeons and Villians.

Trade Items!

Made by Miyamato
(I can't love it enough!)

Everyone loves Link and
hates Ganon.

Has a awesome site ran by a
chemical reaction occurring
when water reaches 0 degrees celsius.

Has a gold cart.

Had people offering $200 to
stores to play the demo.

Has lots of cool hidden surprises.

Monster + Goblin = Moblin

In Zelda 4, you fight nightmares.

Zelda 1 looks as good in
'99 as it did in '86

Encourages young kids to
buy slingshots.

I enjoy Zelda greatly


Has lots of monsters,
most of them annoying.

Had a anime that was just
TOO successful.

Outsold Metal Gear Solid

Has cool Gyms and Misty

Trade Monsters!

Made by Miyamato
(I can't hate it too much.)

Everyone loves Pickachu and
hates Ash.

Doesn't have Ice.

Has red and blue carts.

Had people paying nothing
for a copy on an emulator.

Has lots of cool hidden
Pokemon that mess your game up.

Eradicate + Rat = Ratacate

After seeing Misty, you'll have

In '99 it looks about the the way
it would have have in '86.

Encourages young kids to
make their pets fight.

I enjoy Pokemon when Zelda isn't

Sorry to all of you Pokemon fans out there, I really do love the game, but compared to Zelda, well, you can't blame me for being disappointed. Don't worry, next week if I don't have a topic, I'll switch Pokemon with Metal Gear Solid! That'll be fun! Until next time, this is Steve Dixon, the crazy editorial guy, signing off.