The Future of IZC

By Crysaler

I'm sure that many of you have wondered what will the future hold in IZC. Most of you, thankfully, have thought that it will be very good, but others are saying that this will be the end of IZC

The majority is correct. We at IZC are going through some hard times, but the staff will soon be situated while the look is being refurnished. The many problems that we have had are being solved as you read. Let me tell you how we plan to survive.

First is the issue of Staff. IZC has many new recruits, but don't think that you might not see a old friend. Unfortunately though, we may get some quitters along the way, but that's just how life is. Let's talk about the old staffies first.

Cruiser is planning to head the Media Section. You may remember him as the old cartoons guy. Well now he's doing a whole lot more here at IZC. Then there's also Shiek, the old Zelda 1 guy. He currently plans to do the Zelda 1 section, but I can see him taking over the entire Strategy. There is currently no information about SCNWO (the talented artist) and Stalfos333 (Zelda 5 expert). Then there's me. I plan to be the overall updater and the maintainer of a new project.

There's also the new staff members that's going to join. One of the new recruits is BlueMoon007. His prominent voice and interesting way of speaking earn him the rank of the letter responder. Hopefully JMK will be along to accompany him. Then there's the new webmaster. Da Da Duh!!! Any information about this guy is top-secret staff material. His name is known to only a few select outsiders. In time he will be introduced to the public. That is all I can say.

IZC will also be implenting new features soon enough after the look is done. One of these will be a Zelda Shop, a place to buy cool stuff relating to zelda. Then we will be implementing a rereleased Hyrule. IZC veterans will know about this. Stay tuned if you don't. Then there will also be many other projects we will release, but those are secret.

We also plan to implment a new system for updating. Instead of having all the pressure to update on one person, there will be many different updaters. How does this system work? It's easy. Say that on Monday, the Legend section is updated by Magisuth. Then on Tuesday the Strategy section is updated with a few more walkthrus by a different person. Now you can gain an understanding of how the system works. If you don't understand how it works now, you will in time.

But IZC is nothing without one key thing: the viewers! You, the visitor is what makes this site unique. IZC is dedicated to the fans. We always welcome contribuitions, and we never refuse posting of a certain thing without good reason. So if you have an idea you want us to know about, email it to and let us know!