IZC is Heating Up

By Magisuth

I recently read an article on ZHQ about how IZC (referred to as Igloo Zelda City) was beginning to "cool down" (ha) and become a "ghost town." This is far from the truth.

IZC is on an upward climb ... as ZHQ now (finally) is. Granted, we've been gone for a while, but isn't that understandable? C'mon ... the webmaster is gone! And yet, this site still continues. If that isn't devotion, I don't know what is.

Don't worry, folks. We'll be heating up soon. I, Magisuth, will be working on this place full-time (sparing no minute for my site, The 5th Dimension (5th.net), until the new IZC is complete. Until Ice gets back, we lose our greatest edge, however, and that is his musical talent. But we still have SCNWO, our talent artist, and JMK and Navie, our devoted Letters duo. And now we have me ... HTML expert (though admittingly, I'm weak in Netscape) and fan fiction writer. Yes, you can be expecting some stories from me very soon ....

And the rest is here as well: Crysaler, storyline expert, and Stalfos333. And probably some others that I can't remember.

What can you expect from IZC in the next few months? Well, first, we'll be finishing the new look. After that, we'll be implementing such things as a Zelda Shop, a new and more challenging Hyrule, and some other ... secret ... things.

IZC is heating up ... and the ice is melting.