Long Live the Motherlode

By: Cyberfrog

Re: The Tortouse and the Hare

Look, I have no idea why people here at the IZC are trying to point out the good and the bad between the sites. Who cares? We just want peace. No mudslinging, no cracking or tarnishing. The ZHQ is well passed this trashy little quarrel. I myself am a good friend of Ice, and I know of no conflict between Ice and Niels, because I have them both on ICQ chats. And to say that the ZHQ is cr*p just because it isn't homely, listen buddy. This page used to be the size of the IZC, except smaller. It HAD a homely state, but destroyed it's meekness and went on to big. The ZHQ is The Most Legendary Website! I myself refer to it around Niels as the Motherlode, my own little hallowed name for it. This page is a large company page that doesn't reach out to it's veiwers and readers, but demands that they reach out to them. It takes athourity. It only takes the best. It demands pain and labor to the staff under a cracking whip! It takes a lot more work than the staff do at the IZC put together twice. The ZHQ is the father of all Zelda sites, has the most information and is BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG. And the reason it loads so slow is because it is BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG. And plus, the majority of the readers are United States Citizens, who speak english as a first lanquage. Well the guy from the Motherlode is from the Netherlands! If he doesn't sound friendly and welcoming at the begining, too bad! It' s a dog eat dog world out there. When I was against the IZC,. I was chatting to Niels. The dialogue sounded something like this:

Justin> We have to crush them! The're just tarnishing our image!
Niels> We'll ignore them Justin.
Justin> But...
Niels> Look. They send in letters of hate and we ignore them. They hate us we ignore. If we just shoot back with insults of pain, then THAT will tarnish the ZHQ's image. I don't want that kind of record scratched on the ZHQ.
Justin> But if ... Well, what if a Moisquito lands on your arm? What do you do? Look, the IZC will not hurt any, but it's going to leave an itchy spot on the Motherlode for a long time.
Niels> What are you sugesting?
Justin> Swat them! Swat them and get it over with!
Niels> But remember, if we would "swat them" the puddle of blood would be bigger than the itchy spot.


That froze my blood cold. I hadn't thought of that before. At the moment, I was on the ZHQ staff. And I quit ZHQ and went to go work for Ice. Now I am having a job on both the ZHQ and the IZC trying to bridge the gap. I am tying to make peace. But even if I were born to IZC, I swear that on my deathbed, I would say, "Long Live the Motherlode"