The Tortoise and the Hare

By: Pengwin21a

Over the last week and a half, I met Ice, and realized how much he loves
the site, and how much work he puts into it. As I am, I almost always see
him online, and every time, he has something insightful, funny, or
reassuring to say. I went over to ZHQ the other day, just to see what it was
about, and I swear, I almost puked. The first thing I saw was a front page,
much like Ice’s, but then I began to count. One, Mississippi, two,
Mississippi. By the time the one graphic had loaded, my screensaver was on.
I went into the frame site. Another Mississippi job. This time not as long,
but I soon saw the culprit. A big monster. And the point of him? If ANYONE
can explain to me why he needs to be there, they must have a lot of time on
their hands. Also, what was with the December 8th last update? Anyway, I
soon clicked on the letters site. When I again woke up, I saw typos and the
question: “October 26th, ‘Why are you hyping Zelda so much, if you haven’t
even played it?’” First of all, you may be asking, “Why’d he go to the Oct.
26th letters?” Well, I didn’t, but the December 8th link took me there.
Next, what kind of question is that? Why does this site have NO personality?
Why aren’t there interesting phrases like, “Ask that girl if she is on
crack,” as Ice asked in the 12/13 issue. The answer to the ZHQ question was
something about how Zelda was the best game of all time, yadda, yadda,
yadda, giving no logic, except that “Every magazine has said it is better
than Metal Gear Solid.” What?!!?
Ok, now we’re at the News. This time my mom had to wake me up, and my
Internet connection almost went, because of no response from me. I clicked
on “Changes to ZHQ.” “Oh great! I thought they are FINALLY going down!” But
as I read on, “ZHQ is taking a break, because I am tired of working on
Zelda for two and a half years.”(?!?!?!) HOW COULD U POSSIBLY GET TIRED OF
ZELDA? Oh well, at least there getting off the server they are on now. But
I know that Ice will never just give up on fans like that. At least not
without decent reasoning. (I was sooooo sorry about Teresa… ) But
nevertheless, I am not totally busting up ZHQ. I realize that IZC has had
typos. But, most importantly it has the personality ZHQ lacks. (Updates
too.) Just remember Navie!