History Lesson

By: Magisuth

Gamers and Zelda historians were able to finally organize an apparantly
inconsistant storyline into a real history. The problem of multiple Links
and Zeldas was solved, and everyone had finally figured out a timeline for
the series. It became common knowledge that the chronological order for
the Zelda games was Zelda5 , Zelda 3, Zelda 4, Zelda 1, and Zelda 2. But
we were wrong.

If you read an interview with Mr. Miyamoto, creator of the Zelda games, on
Zelda64.com said the chronological order of the games was 5, 1, 2, 3, with
4 occuring at almost any time period.

Was this a typo? What Mr. Miyamoto just finally realizing he was VERY
tired after making such a great game and needed some sleep? No; Dan Owsen
(if you don't know him, he translated the Zelda games into English) even
agrees with him. So do we have to rethink everything we thought we already
had figured out? Unfortunately, yes.

Here's some good solid evidence within the actual games that Zelda 3 occurs
AFTER 1 and 2. The Triforce is complete and sealed within the Dark World
with Ganon. Obviously, this couldn't be right after Zelda 5, because in
it, the Triforce is separated, and Ganon only has the Triforce of Power.
Also, at the end of Zelda 3, Ganon is actually killed. How else would his
Dark World vanish? The Dark World (his perversion of the Sacred Realm) is
simply where he was banished to in all the previous Zelda games. So if
Link travels to the Dark World and there defeats him, to where is he
banished? Why would his Dark World become the Sacred Realm once again?
Why would Link gain possession of ALL THREE Triforces? Because Ganon is dead.

Thus, here's a brief outline for what should be considered the new Zelda

The Triforce divides; Link holds Courage, Zelda holds Wisdom, and Ganon
holds Power. Ganon is sealed in the Sacred Realm by the Six Sages and
Zelda. (Zelda 5)

Ganon slowly changes the Sacred Realm into the Dark World using the
Triforce of Power. (Any time between Zelda 5 and Zelda 3).

Ganon escapes from the Dark World. Zelda is captured, but is able to
scatter the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom before he takes her. Link
rescues Zelda and defeats Ganon, sending him back to the Dark World.
Wisdom and Power are reunited. (Zelda 1)

Followers of Ganon attempt to free (resurrect) him from the Dark World.
Link halts this, and discovers the Triforce of Courage within himself. The
Triforce is reuinited again. (Zelda 2)

Ganon awakens and takes the Triforce. The Imprisoning War is fought to
reseal him. The Sword of Time (Master Sword), broken after millenia of
unuse, is forged anew. The Seven Wise Men successfully reseal Ganon in the
Dark World, but the Triforce is sealed in with him. If he manages to
escape, the Light World will be lost. (Possibly a future Zelda Game).

Ganon manages to free just a part of his soul from the Dark World using the
power of the Triforce. He creates an avatar, Aghanim, who attempts to
remove the seal from the Dark World. Link stops Aghanim and travels to the
Dark World, where he at last slays Ganon once and for all. The Triforce
enters the hands of Link, and the Sacred Realm is restored. (Zelda 3).

This new timeline seems to have less flaws than the old one, though I
didn't account for the cartoon series here. My facts may also not be
completely staight, since I never played Zelda 1 or Zelda 2. This timeline
just more solidly shows how Zelda 3 is the latest event in the Zelda saga.
It also reveals a small hole that will probably be filled by another Zelda
game. (I'm sure that the N2000 will be able to handle enough AIs for an
entire war; yes, seeing the Imprisoning War being fought should be very

There's probably a few bugs to be worked out in the timeline. E-mail me at
magisuth@5th.net if you'd like to make any comments. I also maintain 5th.net.