Everybody Needs to Just Chill


As I have posted my answers for the last few letters sections, I've noticed that  some people are getting mad about the whole ZHQ vs. IZC thing.  Seeing as I kinda started the whole thing, I really felt I needed to address this before the READERS got out of hand.  I wrote the first letter as a joke, get some publicity, yada yada yada.  But then, a few ZHQ staff members began to send IZC's staff (I wasn't a part then) some hate mail.  One member, I don't want to reveal his name so let's just call him M. Bakker, no that's too obvious, Maarten B., called me a racist (for no reason) and said a few other ignorant things.  Therefore, I became pi*sed at ZHQ, and especially a few staff members.

    I soon realized I shouldn't be mad at the whole staff, just a select few. 

Here we are now, a week later.  I answer a few letters that concerned ZHQ and I said stuff like IZC is better, ZHQ sucks, and such.  I truly believe that IZC is better, that's MY opinion.  Now all of a sudden, I get these letters about people being mad at me for starting a war and they are disgusted with our site and cr*p like that.  They say that we'd have a good site if it weren't for this war stuff.  This is where I get lost.    How can the reader's get mad when they don't even know the whole story and what's really going on?  Why are they saying it's a bad site just because I make fun of ZHQ?  I have some common sense, I know what I'm doing.  I'm not a total idiot who is immature and has nothing better to do all day than make fun of ZHQ.  If I choose to make fun of ZHQ, then don't read my letter responses or focus your hate (hehe, people are actually getting mad over this) towards me, not the site.  We have a good site, and saying it's bad because some of us make fun of ZHQ is ridiculous. 

Step back, realize where you are and what's going on.  All I'm doing is keeping some competition between the two sites (yes sites, all we are Zelda websites, that's all).  The fact that people are getting angry over this is.....well....funny.    So calm down and take from each site what you will.  In the end, I think you'll like our site better (uh oh, don't send me hate mail now).  ZHQ has a lot of USELESS information that you don't need.  Maybe their page looks better, but we have more hardcore information, not any fluff.  So what's my whole point?  Realize that getting mad is stupid and just enjoy the websites for what they offer.  If you still haven't cooled off, send me hate mail at scnwo@zeldafan.com where I'll gladly talk some trash about you and your mama.  Just don't be mad at IZC, Ice, Navie, JMK, J-man, Sheik, Stalfos333, or Juliet.  Jeez, I hope now we can get normal letters about Zelda (although I still might say we are better than ZHQ, so if you want, skip my answers..........I just think that a website shouldn't be strictly business, and their should be some fun involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!