Link's Clothing

By J-Man

Many people have played every Zelda game.(Unless you work at Zelda HQ,that is!)Many people have beaten every game.But,many people have wondered,why the heck does Link not wear any pants?!I,myself have wondered this as many have.I did some field reporting and professional snooping and aquired some possible answers.I have listed every idea and my reaction to it.

Answer number one:"That is actually a form of battle gear." My reaction: Well,I think that this is a very good answer.Fighters in the medieval era did wear similar gear. I think that Link's choice of gear is a little odd, though. But, this is very probible.

Answer Number two: "Maybe that skirt-thingie is a pair of shorts." My reaction:Could be. But,in the manual for "A Link To The Past", it shows a pic of Link falling from a ledge. Needless to say,that thing is NOT a pair of shorts! I think that that pic shatters THAT idea! But,you never know, that could have been a messed up pic.

Answer Numero Tres (A little Spanish flavor.^_^): "Maybe Link is actually a girl" My Reaction:I HOPE NOT!!!! That theory totally thrashes at Zelda tradition!! Link can't be a girl for the following reasons:1)In Zelda 2, Link is shown in side scroll.(Imatating Austin Powers) It's a man, Baby! 2) In Zelda 4(Gameboy), The owl says a young LAD will awake the Windfish, not a LASS! This theory is so bogus!

Answer Number four: "Link does wear pants." My reaction: This is an obvious answer of a Zelda rookie. If you think Link wears pants, then beat Zelda 4! At the end sequence, (When Link awakes in the water) the Windfish flies overhead. Before Link looks up,It shows him from the side sitting in a piece of his boat. Surprise! No pants! This theory is also bogus!

Well, that's all the info I have at the moment. I'll write a follow-up if I find out more. If you have questions, coments, or death threats, E-Mail me.You'll find my Ice's Zelda Central address on the About page [and above]. I know this was short, but I lost most of my notes. If I find them, I'll write that follow-up. Well,in the immortal words of Sonic the Hedgehog, (Hey! I like him!) Gotta ghost!