What Zelda All-Stars Would Do For The World

By Ice

I guess you can tell by the title of this editorial what it's about. What exactly would Zelda All-Stars do for the world? And, most importantly, why doesn't Nintendo just gut up and do it? Well, before begin, I guess I'll tell you a little about what Zelda All-Stars would be. So, do any of you remember (some of you might not, I'm getting to be quite old) getting a Super Nintendo, and a few years (maybe less than one) after the SNES came out, Nintendo compiled all the Super Mario Brothers games onto one Pak and sold it under the title Mario All-Stars? I know I remember it quite vividly. It was one of the best Game Paks ever made, and do you know why? It had three of the best games ever made on there in one small Pak! Super Mario Brothers 1, 2, and 3, plus The Lost Levels. Now, many of the new gamers who never got to play such classics were discovering why Nintendo was one of the best things ever in the history of electronics. Mario All-Stars sold millions. Electronic Gaming Monthly called it the best game ever made (but didn't rate it so, because it was four games in one). And Zelda is more popular (I believe) than Mario. And Nintendo would surely make millions off of Zelda All-Stars. So, why the heck don't they do it! There are a few reasons, which I'll explain, but they aren't reason enough to deprive the world of what could possibly be the biggest thing to ever hit the shelves. I'll tell you Nintendo's pathetic main reason for not going ahead with this sure-fire Game Pak. They think they'll lose money. Call me crazy, but it's true. Nintendo actually thinks they'll lose money off of it. Why, you ask? Simple. Zelda 3 and Zelda 4 are still being sold and are selling thousands of copies a week. If Nintendo releases Zelda 3 and Zelda 4 on the same Pak, unless they charge an unreasonably high price for it (which I would gladly pay), then in the long run, they actually may lose the money that Zelda 3 and Zelda 4 would have brought in. But personally, I think that Nintendo would come out ahead on the deal, because Zelda All-Stars would sell exceptionally well, and I think it would surpass what the other two games could together. But I may be wrong. So that's what Nintendo is thinking on the subject. And though Nintendo has done some crazy things in it's past, and no one is totally sure why it does what it does, I think we should all trust 'em. I mean, hey, they brought us four exceptional Zelda games, with number five on it's way, and they pioneered video games back in the 1980's. So let's just wait and see what happens. Zelda is more popular now than it has been since 1992, perhaps even greater than that, and after Zelda 64 is released, the Zelda demand will be higher than ever. Fans will crave more Zelda, and Zelda 64DD will still be a year or even two away from completion. And the Super Nintendo is a dying system, if that's the format they should choose, and Zelda All-Stars could save it for at least a year. So Zelda All-Stars has more of a hope now than it ever has. Let's just see what develops. Who knows? Nintendo has always been unpredictable in everything they do. Come on, Big N. Surprise us. We dare ya.