Which alternate universe is for you: Termina or Koholint?

Steve says: Koholint had a remarkable amount of charm and character despite the limitations of the Game Boy platform, which is part of why Link's Awakening stands out in my mind as the best entry in the series.

Nebula says: I think Termina is slightly better, only because the characters are more developed. The time system adds a quality to them that makes them seem almost human, and makes the player fight to protect them even more.

Chaz says: Majora's Mask bored me to tears, so I must've liked Koholint better.

Uppa says: Koholint--for sheer virtue of being so atypical of a Zelda world, something Nintendo could consider emulating in forthcoming titles.

Zelda Barrow says: Termina. In addition to the Desert Dialect-I created the "Great Bay" dialect of Gerudo: I want to be able to try it out and do some anthropological research on the Pirates.

Alan says: This is almost a question about which generation of Zelda one prefers.

Those who came into the fold with Ocarine of Time simply won't even consider Koholint, as they've likely never played it and don't know what it references.

That aside, I think Koholint is a richer world. Its death becomes very personal for Link, who comes to have romantic feelings for Marin. In Termina he's simply saving a universe that may or may not exist.

Koholint forces him to answer a difficult question: do I stay in this world which may not be real with a woman I love who may not be real, or do I find the truth? Many of us would've preferred to stay in our little "matrix."

Cam says: Termina. It's not a fair fight though. Link's Awakening was a Gameboy game for crying out loud!

Ellie says: koholint. majora's mask was shameful recycling.

Final Notes:

So if my count is right, that's five for Koholint and three for Termina.

Some very interesting points were brought up today, one of which is developing into an editorial as we speak! And as it so happens, Ellie inspired this week's new question!

Thank you for participating.