What do you think of Spirit Tracks?

Chaz says: It almost bored me to tears at the beginning. The train errands were tedious. I liked the bosses.

Fann says: The game isn't the best but I enjoyed the story.

zdaGRL says: its the cutest. having zelda help is awesome!!

Alan says: As a standalone game, it's pretty good. There are some really solid ideas. If you haven't played Phantom Hourglass it adds even more to the originality.

There are some tedious parts, and some parts that seemed to stretch out too long. Playing the pan flute was a pain.

I enjoyed the game to completion. It's not my favorite but I'm happy they made it.

Angela says: Spirit Tracks is a nice game to tide me over until Zelda Wii.

Ken says: I prefer the "DS" branch (or the "cartoon" branch, or the "celda" branch) over the "console" branch. Much like Link's Awakening vs Link to the Past, I think fewer dollars and less oversight makes for better development of a Zelda game. Nintendo will stray from its formula and conventions with these games, though Spirit Tracks doesn't stray as far as I would have liked. It simply replaces an ocean with train tracks (and avoiding the bomb trains, don't get me started) and the "helper" with Zelda.

This isn't the place for a review, so to sum up: there's more heart and originality in these games than in the console ones. I hope next time Nintendo takes even more chances.

Final Notes:

I didn't get as a great a resposne from this one, and I assume it's because not everyone has PLAYED or FINISHED the game.

There seems to be a consensus that Spirit Tracks is a decent game. I didn't get any overwhelmingly hiigh opinions of it, but no one had a bad opinion of it, either.

If you're still on the fence about this game ... well you're probably still on the fence!