What do you think of IZC's current layout??

Chaz says: You can tell immediately that this is ICE's zelda central. Majora's Mask on the logo, ice colors. Good layout, I wouldn't change a thing but you need that iconic logo.

Nebula says: I like the color scheme and the echo of Magisuth's design. The use of character artwork adds fun. It's one of the better layouts and it keeps the "Ice" theme going.

Raquel says: IZC should have had a layout like this all along. In the 2000's it was very sleek but it was too complicated to use! :) I love the simplicity and the icy blue. Great job Ice! :)

Zelda Barrow says: The layout looks cleaner and more organized. Easier to find things. The colors are also better: I feel it sets the mood/tone of your site: light-hearted and fun, but toned down so as to look (as stated above), Cleaner and more organized. Brilliant work, Ice!

Tom says: ice zeldas made of ice blocks. old zeldas and skull kids.

Andrew says: i like the layout because it\'s not so flashy it burns out my retina. simple and clean. maybe something new for the top corner.

Timor says: The new layout shows once again that Ice is the capitol city of Cool.

zdaGRL says: design rocksckscksx! yu should make myspace designs!!!!!!

Kai says: It's got a classic appeal. I'm always for simplicity, though I would be for making the logo with the images in the top left corner into something more a bit more present and attention-getting.

Angela says: This is the closest thing to an "old school" IZC that you can find. The letters and editorials have the old colors. It makes me feel like the web is new again.


Ken says: The template is very appropriate for a site that caters to an older crowd. Simple, easy to navigate. I have to hit CTRL + on a few pages to read it better, but you allow me to do that (unlike some websites). The use of classic art is nice, and the colour scheme is perfect. No doubt improvements can be made over time (surely a reason for asking our opinion) but please retain the simplicity and classic feel. 4.5 stars.

Final Notes:

Thanks for the great feedback, everyone ... it's nice to know what other eyes see. One of the problem areas is clearly the top-left corner and the lack of a strong logo, something I've discussed with staff member Steve Dixon also (who is a much better designer than myself). I'm sure we'll come up with something ... in the meantime, watch out for our next opinions question!