If you could live anywhere in Hyrule, where would you live?

Neo says: I would live in the Lost Woods. It's very private and there are lots of neat things to play around in.

Shimmerlight says: If I had to live in Hyrule, I'd move!

Thomas says: I would definitely live near the Gerudos. I'd sit there and stare at the hot chicks all day. Shallow, huh?

ConkersNuts says: Lost Woods. Either that or Zora's Domain.

Falter says: i would live anywhere near *LINK*

Vyctori says: I'd definitely live in Zora's Domain. It's a tropical island paradise in a cave, it'd always be nice, warm weather, and I think the Zora's are really cool. The only downside I could see is that I'd have to obey Princess Ruto, which would be awful. I'd just not go to the throne room unless I really needed to. Other than that, it'd be perfect.

Allison says: lon lon ranch for sure

Ice says: I really like Zora's Domain.

Now to tally things up. 2 for Lost Woods, 1 for Lon Lon Ranch, 1 for the Desert, 2 for Zora's Domain, and 1 that would move. Thanks goes out to everyone for their participation.