What's your favorite temple in Ocarina of Time?

Kishie says: My favorite temple in TOoT is the Spirit Temple. There is a strong sense of mystery and enchantment. I also like it because the Iron Knuckles are so fun to fight.

Starseeker says: My opinion is that the Shadow Temple is the best. The ghosts and the lighting effects steal the show. Next up is the Spirit Temple, which has a great feel to it.

It's hard to choose the best one, because all of them are so unique and cool in their own way. All of them, that is, except the Water Temple! -_-

Neo says: Spirit Temple wins, hands down. The runner up: Ganon's Castle.

Terger14 says: they were all a peice of cake ice. i blew throught them so fast i hardly stopped to look

Shimmerlight says: Water Temple. The challenge was great but confusing. (Did you mean which one was the hardest?)

Vyctori says: I'd have to say the Forest Temple. Everything is fresh and new (since we're used to having a ten-year-old as the main character and then suddenly he's seventeen!), the music's very cool, and it wasn't infuriatingly frustrating like the Water Temple. It made you think to get through, but not hard enough to give you brain damage. The only part I didn't like was the Floormaster, since it's a little unforgiving, and the Wallmaster, since it's a pain to have to get back to where you were from the entrance.

Pegaswiss says: My vote goes to the Spirit Temple.

Ice says: They're all special in their own little ways ... but I think the Spirit Temple is my favorite.

So let's see here ... 4 votes for the Spirit Temple ... and a few of the others got one. And we had one guy who says he blew through them so fast he didn't even stop to look ... way to go, superstar.