What is your favorite Zelda song?

Jaraad says: My favorite Zelda song is the Gerudo Valley theme. I like the beat and the energy. I think more Zelda music should have been like that.

Daniel Rendleman (TGA Webmaster) says: Well, I've always enjoyed the Classic Overworld theme. But I believe that my favorite would have to be the Lost Woods Theme. It captures the sense of the forest and danger while at the same time adding in excitement and a quick pace.

Nebula says: Zora's Domain.

Neo says: It's a toss up. I like the Lost Woods theme of Zelda 5, the Gerudo Valley theme of Zelda 5, and the classic overworld. I don't like the way that the overworld was rendered in Zelda MM.

Vyctori says: I'm giving you my top five (they aren't necessarily in order), and even then I'm leaving out quite a few notable songs!

1. The 'Legend of Zelda' theme. I can be heard shouting it out at the top of my lungs on weekends as an expression of pure joy. I like this one because it represents the entire 'Legend of Zelda' series. It's extremely resolute, with a minor touch to it that suits the series and song very well.

2. Zelda's Lullaby. This soothing melody could probably stop Ganon in his tracks. This song is the essence of Princess Zelda: it's serene and it makes you stop and think a while. It almost seems wise, like Hyrule's princess.

3. The Song of Storms. Every time I hear this melody, it makes me want to dance. It's really pretty, even though it is rather short. Over all, it's a very well written piece.

4. Mt. Tararanch. Absolutely breathtaking. It makes me think of several images at once, but all of them are positive. It's a joy to listen to.

5. Clock Town (First Day). Another song to be yelled as loud as possible. Once this one gets stuck in your head, forget trying to get it out because it's there to stay. This piece is perfect for a prosperous, bustling town, another (hopefully) classic.

As far as I'm concerned, Koji Kondo is a total genius. Three cheers for him and long may he compose!

StarSeeker says: In my opinion, the best song on any Zelda game is the Hyrule Castle theme. I also like the Deku Palice almost as much.

Final Notes:

As you can see, a whole lot of songs got at least one vote. There aren't too many songs that more than one person mentioned. It's really interesting to see how varied our tastes are and how different people like different songs. Thanks to everyone that participated.